My phone went out on April 8th, 2015. I called my carrier which is Sage Telecom and reported the problem. As of today April 15, 2015 my phone is still not working. Every time I call Sage Telecom they tell me another lie about when someone is coming to fix my phone. ...
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I been with sage for 8 years and as of today they cut my phone off after I paid it might I say early payment to find out they no longer do residential service and now I'm with...

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I have been trying to solve a porting problem with a land line for some time. I found 1 person who was helpful, however when I had to make a "3rd party confirmation" I was cut off. I have been on hold for 1 1/2 hours only to find that there was no one who could help....
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I liked
  • Sales agent
I didn't like
  • Poor english
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Is anyone angry about the dollar or mor charge added to you telecom bill for them sending you a paper bill? This is asinine. Many consumers are barely managing to pay the for the service itself let alone the paper it is printed on. I am writing my representative and...
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